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Verdansk ’84 is the new Warzone map ringing in Season 3, and there are a few new zones and a brand new overall aesthetic.

Call of Duty: Warzone 1984 is officially here, introducing seven new POIs, including updates to various existing locations. All existing structures and areas have been redone to give that retro vibe to provide a new brighter player experience. The new Verdansk takes place in the year 1984 during the spring, so the map is a bit more colorful as a result. 

It’s spring of 1984, and Verdansk has never looked so vibrant. But underneath the surface, the chill of the Cold War looms, as Perseus’ masterplan is revealed. Get your squad together and explore Verdansk as it was in the spring of 1984 — hold down seven new points of interest and discover secrets in a lush new landscape. Welcome to Verdansk ’84.

New Map of Warzone Verdansk 1984

Here’s an overview of Warzone‘s new Verdansk ’84:

Verdansk '84 Map

Players found themselves dropping into the new Verdansk ’84 map after participating in Rebirth Island, part of The Destruction of Verdansk Part 2. The event consisted of players attempting to capture and launch a nuclear device to destroy the old Verdansk. 

There are a couple of brand new locations in Verdansk ’84, including the Gora Summit and Karst Salt Mines. Existing areas may look similar in layout but now include a fresh 1980’s style design. Perhaps the most prominent new location is Grid Array, which features some massive climbable metal structures visible from basically anywhere on the map.

New Locations in Verdansk ’84

  • Airplane Factory is a new location in the center of the map, right next to the Superstore POI.
  • Airport is now fully accessible and features some better overall loot.
  • Downtown now features a newly finished Broadcast Building and is a bit less cluttered with buildings overall.
  • Farmhouse is now Standoff from Black Ops 2, featuring that classic layout we know and love.
  • Gora Summit is a new location replacing the Dam, which is the Summit map from Black Ops
  • Grid Array replaces the old Array location and features new massive towers that provide a view of the entire map.
  • Karst Salt Mines replaces Quarry, now with functional buildings and a better layout.
  • Old Mine includes new buildings and areas to loot while you’re at the new Summit location.
  • Superstore got an update that makes it look a bit cleaner and more finished.
  • Verdansk Stadium has that retro vibe and old-school feel and no longer has a rooftop for annoying campers.

New Weapons for Verdansk ’84

The weapons also got an update, making them more appropriate for the era. You’ll find many ’80s style weapons from Black Ops Cold War rather than the Modern Warfare-style arsenal.

Verdansk ’84 marks the start of Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War Season 3.