Wars of Seignior – Beginner's Guide

Create Character

Starting of the game, we must first create a character that will be the image for the player in the game. The identity of the player’s lord is this game’s basis.

Wars of Seignior - Beginner's Guide

Player can choose one out of the 4 image choices. You can choose to use the system-generated random names or a name of your own choice. After that, you will then start your battlefield adventure.

Main Interface

The main interface is the initial interface that the players will see after entering the game. The main functions can be accessed through the main interface.

Wars of Seignior - Beginner's Guide

The upper left corner of the interface is the character’s avatar and avatar frame, which indicates the player’s name, level, and EXP. When the EXP is full, congratulations, you have level-up! Level-up would indicate that more gameplay modes can be unlocked.

The left represents the player’s current Coins, which will be the common currency in the game. It can be obtained from various functions or through top-up. Gold coins are also the essential item to participate the Arena and purchase treasure chests for cards.While on the right is the player’s Crystal essence. Crystal essences can only be obtained through functions such as disenchanting the cards, arena rewards, and dungeon rewards. It can be used to craft cards and refresh daily quests.

This shows the current no. of cups obtained, which is the only indicator that measures the player’s strength. At the same time, the player will be assigned to different war zones based on the no. of cups. And the no. of cups can be increased only through winning the Ranked Mode Upper right corner is the Settings and Shop In the settings, players can adjust various game parameters according to their preferences and hardware configuration performance.

Wars of Seignior - Beginner's Guide

Tap on the adventure at the lower right corner of the main interface to open the magnificent World Map.

World Map

You will see the World Map of the Grandland after entering the Adventure. Each place on the world map shows a different chapter of the story; where players can choose to battle in different chapters. You can unlock the next chapter after clearing the current chapter. The chapter cleared can be revisited at the Collection- Experience.Of course, there will be some requirement to unlock some big chapters, such as by spending gold coins.

Wars of Seignior - Beginner's Guide
Wars of Seignior - Beginner's Guide


At the chapter details interface, you can enter the location of that chapter at the Grandland map. By tapping on the corresponding city, player can explore the city, or travel around the Grandland (There will be an icon displayed on the city with quests).Grandland has many different levels waiting for you to clear and breakthrough. Furthermore, generous rewards are waiting for you to claim.

Wars of Seignior - Beginner's Guide
Wars of Seignior - Beginner's Guide

Quest Tracker–When player gets lost on the big map, there’s a quest tracker where player can open and tap on it to go to the quest location directly.


Tap on the city on the big map to enter the city interface. There are many NPCs in the city. There will be an icon on the NPCs with quests. Tap on the quest NPC to receive quests, submit quests, and experience all different level of battles.

Wars of Seignior - Beginner's Guide

Previous Battles–Tap on the Previous Battle in the City to see the all the battle history you have played in that city and you can choose to replay that level.

Lucky Pool

Tap the Lucky Pool tab on the main interface to enter the lucky pool system.
You can draw the rewards once daily at the Lucky Pool. (Beware, High Risk High Return).

Wars of Seignior - Beginner's Guide


Tap the Daily tab on the main interface to enter the daily quest system.

Daily, at 5 o’clock in Beijing time, the system will add two daily quests for players, with an upper limit of 6 only.

At the same time, two quest refresh chances will be added too; player can use it to refresh the quests that they prefer to complete. Once the chances are used up, players will need to use Crystal Essence to refresh.

Daily quests are divided into 4 grades; the higher the grade, the better the rewards.

Wars of Seignior - Beginner's Guide

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