Walls And Shadows AC Valhalla Clue Location – Investigate Tryggr’s Murder

Walls and Shadows is a quest in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It’s a murder investigation, in which you have to figure out the facts of Tryggr’s Murder. You’ll visit the governor’s villa and a temple, looking for clues all around. Some of these clues are pretty hard to find, so you might need some help with it. If you do, this guide will show you all Walls and Shadows AC Valhalla clue locations.

ac valhalla investigate tryggrs murder walls and shadows quest
Walls And Shadows AC Valhalla Clue Location – Investigate Tryggr’s Murder

How to enter Governor’s villa?

The first issue you might run into concerns entering the Governor’s villa. You can’t do this if you haven’t started this quest, so don’t even try it. It’s off limits before you get to this part of the story.

Last clue in Governor’s villa – Walls and Shadows

The first things you should do after you arrive at the scene is read the letter by the body. Afterwards, you need three clues. The first is a set of barber’s tools, in the corner. The second are three sets of footsteps, by the door. The third is a seal in the hand of the guard who’s hanging from the rafters, above the chandelier.

Find the entrance to the temple

Head to the Mithraic Temple’s map location, east of the villa, and look for a set of big, stone stairs leading below ground. Squeeze through the crack at the bottom and you’ll end up in the temple.

How to get the clue behind the barred door in Investigate the Temple – Who is Behind the Order quest step

The only problematic clue in the temple is the one behind the barred door. To get around it, you should head left and move the shelf to reveal a hole you can crawl through. Follow the path on the other side and you’ll get the clue soon enough.

ac valhalla how to get clue in temple behind barred door

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