One of the Fortnite Overtime Challenges for Cameo vs. Chick continues this week has players looking for a Recliner, a Radio Station, and an outdoor Movie Theater. This is an easy challenge as long as you know where all the places are located.

This guide will show you where each of the locations is on the map so you can easily complete the challenge without any hassle.

Visit a lonely Recliner, a Radio Station, and an outdoor Movie Theater Location

  • Lonely Recliner

The first item on the list is a lonely recliner, which can be located just west of Dirty Docks. You can see the area on the map here:

You can find the recliner sitting by itself on top of a mountain.

  • A Radio Station

The radio station is just east of Craggy Cliffs. You can again find this highlighted on the map below, and it should be easy to spot when you drop into the map.

Here is a view from the sky while dropping in, just before getting to the location.

  • Outdoor Movie Theater

The outdoor movie theater can be located a bit west of Frenzy Farm. You’ll easily spot the location when you drop into this area.

Here’s what it looks like from an aerial view, you can see all the cars parked in front of the big screen.