Visage – George's Memento Tapes Master Achievement

This simple guide will explain where you can find all four audio tapes (George’s recordings) in Visage chapter 2 (Dolores’s chapter) in order to get the achievement.

George’s Audio Tapes

  1. The first tape you find will be located in the parent’s room after you drop down from the attic. It will be on the end table in the corner, next to the tape player.
  2. To find the second tape, go to the mirror in the second floor office. After you get the key from George’s hand, you have to unlock the secret door in that study. Once inside the room, the key will be in the box on the end table (along with the cloud toy). It can be easily overlooked.
  3. Another tape is located on the kitchen counter in the mirror world kitchen (when Dolores asks you to get the tea).
  4. In the puzzle with the clocks (the one located in the second floor bathroom mirror), there’s a tape on a little end table with a monitor base, in the intersection where the 4 hallways meet.

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