Virgo Versus the Zodiac – How to Become Unkillable (Easy Way)


In this guide, you’ll learn to become unkillable as Virgo. The reason why you’ll reading this is to learn to become unkillable. At the end of this guide, you’ll be informed and unstoppable.

Note: This is for an educational fun purpose, in no way is this to be taken too seriously.

Step One: Gathering Resources

During your time in the Taurus Realm, more specifically during the one time festival event, stack/buy as many game tokens as you can.

You can buy these tokens from the Alpaca, near where you came. These tokens are requirement.

There is one game that offers you a great reward when playing. This game is unnamed but I’ll call it Alpaca TIme. The reason why you don’t play the other two games are because they suck, the games themselves and the rewards. One game encourages the minors to gamble tokens on cow fighting and rewarding you with unknown coffee beans… The other one is just fishing. The only reason to play those other two games are to set an achievement, but other then that, don’t waste your tokens. They ultimately take too long to benefit from and not worth anything.

Moving on, the Alpaca TIme is a festival game that makes you, a small gurl, lift and throw innocent alpacas, that weight about 84 kilograms, into specific areas five times. You are generously rewarded Five pomelo seeds and sometimes three camellia leaves, basically at face value, you’ll getting these unpurchasable items later in the game for one star each. Why these pomelo are important is because each one boosts your Versatility by one. Versatility helps to increase both hit-points and purity. Camellia leaves also help, however they boost Patience and it is half as effective as Versatility.

Each game consist on average about 20 to 25 seconds to complete.

BTW: This is the most grinding you’ll have to do, averaging about 10 to 20 minutes depending on how many tokens you would have. I had about 40 tokens.

Note: During my run through, I had increased my Versatility by around 225 points however, you can definitely get it up to 300 to 400 points.

Step Two: Assembling Weaponry

The item you’ll be searching is mainly the Aeon Filter , this is because of its counter, Duality. This item’s ability is to proc more purity, the reason this item is better than any other item is because it’s more effective and gives more. The Duality ability regardless of the Versatility, is absurdly over powered, but goes further beyond with the Versatility.

This is also because it scales up with Versatility. Furthermore, because you stacked your character Virgo with Versatility, it’s super effective and overpowered. You can find this item naturally as you play through the game, however that’s very later on so you wanna bake the item from the grandmother at the safe point. You can make this item after and have it after completing Cancer’s Realm. Boosting this item would also greatly make it more effective.

The other items you wanna search for are those that increase Versatility. Good examples are the Vampire Nails, giving about 54 Versatility when boosted to +5.

Soon, you’ll wanna search for the item Special Delivery Shroom, with it’s Purge Shield Effect as Bulwark. This ability is very good because it makes Virgo the target of all attacks for a short time. This isn’t necessarily bad, instead, its actually very good. This because you can activate your counter, Duality, more often.

Personally, I like using Aged Hoplon because Barrier is just a really good ability but it slows down Duality.

The Pros of this:

  • Your purity shields more than any possible amount of damage that anyone can possibly do, at minimum about 500 shield but on average for me it went to about 800 – 1000 purity shield.
  • Great against Boss.
  • Very Cheap and effective.

The only con that would completely stop this combination of items and abilities would be the ability, guard break, this item stops the user from guarding with in turn prevents you from using Duality at all. However, not many enemies have this ability at all, with only a small sample group that do.

Note: I only used Duality twice [Shield is Aged Hoplon] Purity is at 3 K without effort!

Step Three: Death Upon All That Stand in Your Way

Now this is where you formulate a battle strategy for yourself or you could use mine.

My Battle Strategy

  • Virgo : Tank/Bruiser
  • Spica : Cleaner
  • Agol : Debuffer

I had my Agol debuff all the enemies with poison by using the item, Culverin and it’s ability, Blight.

Spica, in my opinion, was the worst ever character, so you just had him do a bit of damage to clean up some lingering enemies.

Virgo, for me, was stacked with fully maxed items, so after gaining a purity of around 2.5 to 3 K, you do massive damage.

Note: This is near the end of the game, and my Virgo has more than double the expected amount.

In Conclusion

This guide has told you a legitimate way to not make the game fast pace but 100% guarantee to win a battle. You could honestly just play the as you like game because it isn’t that hard, however, when you speed run the game, this strategy, is super viable. However, with all honest, this strategy is kinda over powered, but with all this Versatility, you could honestly go from playing defensive, and go very offensive with Versatility. Cause like not even half way quarter through game, you have about 400 to 500 Versatility which wasn’t intended.

Quick note: I would like to say this game has been a joy to play to a degree, thanks for the development team for working so hard on this game.

I hope you liked my first Guide, thanks for reading if you did lmfao.

Note: Always pat the cat.

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