Both Team SoloMid and Gen.G are well-founded organizations with the history, infrastructure, and capital to support their esports ambitions. Today, both of their Valorant teams clashed, and TSM came out the victor. On paper, TSM’s victory over Gen.G is technically an upset, but fans of the Valorant esports scene know how dangerous TSM’s Wardell can be once he gets his hands on an Operator.

The Wardell Show

Game 1 was played on Ascent and was little more than a massacre in favor of TSM. Although each player fulfilled their role precisely, aided by a flawless gun round to start, the midgame was completely carried by the team’s ace, Wardell. Below is a screenshot depicting the young Canadian’s dominance.

Image via Nerd Street Gamers

It should be noted that Game 2 on Haven was much more competitive, but the result was still a 2-0 victory for TSM, eliminating Gen.G from the Stage 2 Challengers 2 qualifiers.