All ten teams attending the Valorant Champions Tour Masters in Reykjavik, Iceland, have been finalized. The last team qualifiers match between KRU Esports and Infinity Esports has concluded, with the Argentinian KRU Esports reigning victorious in a 3-1 victory. Let’s take a look at the Valorant Champions Tour Masters Reykjavik team lineups and what their rosters are looking like for the upcoming event.

The teams represent regions from all over the world, including one from Japan, one from Latin America, one from South Korea, two from the United States, two from the EMEA region, two from Brazil, and one from Thailand. In total, the representatives include the top Valorant talent worldwide, so it should make for some exciting and highly competitive Valorant action.

Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) Masters Reykjavik Teams Lineup

Here is the team lineup for the Valorant Champions Tour Masters in Reykjavik:

  • Crazy Raccoon (JP): Medusa, neth, rion, Tonbo, zepher
  • Fnatic (EMEA): Boaster, Doma, Mistic, Derke
  • KRU Esports (AR): Klaus, Mazino, NagZ, bnj, delz1k
  • NUTURN Gaming (KR): peri, allow, Suggest, lakia, solo
  • Sentinels (US): ShahZaM, SicK, zombs, dapr, TenZ
  • Sharks Esports (BR): DeNaro, fra, prozin, gaabxx, light
  • Team Liquid (EMEA): soulcas, Kryptix, L1NK, ScreaM, Jamppi
  • Team Vikings (BR): gtnziN, Sacy, frz, sutecas, Saadhak
  • Version1 (US): vanity, effys, penny, Zellsis, wippie
  • X10 Esports (TH): foxz, sushiboys, sScary, Crws, Patiphan

The Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) Masters in Reykjavik goes live on May 24 and runs until May 30, 2021.