Valheim – Fix For Multiplayer Lag

If you encounter some extreme rubber banding and skipping during multiplayer and can’t attribute it to one person’s connection or faulty server hardware, it is most likely due to the game’s 60kb upload cap and the tendency for players to hit the cap in complex multiplayer situations. Hopefully this guide will help you out but it goes without saying, I do not guarantee anything.

Download DNSPY

Extract the contents into its’ own folder somewhere on your PC.


  • File >>> Open.
  • Navigate to: …SteamLibrarysteamappscommonValheimvalheim_DataManaged
  • Select assembly_valheim.dll
  • Click Open.
  • In the left panel titled ‘Assembly Explorer’, find and select assembly_valheim.dll
  • Select {}
  • Select ZDOMAN
  • Select m_dataPerSec, Right-Click and select Edit Class…
  • In the line “private int m_dataPerSec = ” set it to at least 122880
  • Click Compile in the bottom right corner.
  • Click File > Save Assembly.

Start Your Server

If you are hosting the Valheim locally on your own PC, then all you need to do at this point is launch your server and have some people join. If you are still experiencing lag, then other things may be causing your problems and I am sorry.

If you are connecting to a dedicated server, then you need to replace the assembly_valheim.dll file that the dedicated server uses. Once the file is replaced using the new value, start/restart your server to load the new file.

Check your performance in-game by hitting F2 and checking the data sent value. If this does not go past 60 then you did something wrong or the .dll was overwritten.

If the game updates, it overwrites Assembly_Valheim.dll and you will need to redo these steps!!!

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