Valheim – Build a Stone Castle Arena (Building Guide)

Build a Stone Castle Arena in Valheim / Building Tutorial

This is the ultimate arena you can build in Valheim that can allow you to organize huge fights in PVE and in PVP.

This Arena Features are:

  • 12 Spawners Rooms (Up to 24 “2 Stars” Draugr/Skeletons)
  • 4 Players Respawn Towers
  • 4 Ellite Viewers Balcony (8 Sits)
  • 8 Standard Viewers Tribune (up to 12 Viewers per tribune & 3 Sits)
  • Staircase to Get from Towers to Arena
  • Staircase to get From Towers to Defensive Wall
  • Portal to each Higher Tower
  • Portal to Arena from each Tower
  • Portal Out on each Higher Tower

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