Unturned – Scrapping Vehicles Guide

A rather basic guide on scrapping vehicles in the way that will get the most scrap.

How to Effectively Scrap a Vehicle


Note: Yeah, this seems like a stupid guide, but it is helpful for those who don’t know.

This guide will cover all the details of properly scrapping a vehicle in (at the time of writing this) the most efficient way.


Efficient does not mean fast, it means receiving the most materials (fuel and scrap) out of the vehicle.

What You Need

First, you need a few things to properly destroy a vehicle. You will need:

  • A melee weapon.
  • A socketwrench.
  • A fuel tank (any kind works, the best is industrial).

Now, if you don’t have these things, it’s not the end of the world. You only need a way to deal damage that isn’t your fists to scrap a vehicle. These items will just make the process a lot easier and more rewarding.

What to Do

Remember, you are aiming to get the most scrap out of a vehicle. What you will want to do first is take the fuel out of the vehicle. If you don’t have enough space for all the fuel, it’s fine. Unless you’re playing Hard on Carpat, you can live without %6 fuel from a pickup. Then get in the vehicle and remove the battery (if there is one). Then, remove each of the tires from the vehicle, if possible (motorcycles, bikes, and anything with more than four wheels such as firetrucks or no wheels such as tanks cannot have their tires removed). Then melee the car until it gets to zero health, stand back, and watch the fireworks. Pick up the metal around the vehicle, scrap the battery and tires (if you don’t have other uses for them), and be on your way.

If you don’t care about having more scrap, or don’t have a socketwrench, just take out the battery and melee the car, you will lose out on 2-10 pieces, but it will still reward you with 3-6 scrap.

The Rewards

With this method, you will gain up to 10 scrap. Just meleeing the car gives you about 2-5 scrap. Using this, you can have a total of 15 scrap, which is enough to build two metal lockers.

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