Untitled Goose Game – How to Wreck Complete Havoc and Obtain All Achievements

How to wreck complete havoc and get all achievements in Untitled Goose Game by being the naughiest goose of all geese. Honk!

100% Achievements Guide


To obtain all achievements in Untitled Goose Game, you’ll have to tick off everything in the to-do lists. None of them are particularly hard besides the timed challenges that may require a couple of times. Nothing is missable and getting all achievements should only take between 5 and 10 hours depending on your own pace and how much you use guides to figure things out.

This guide will be organized in a chronological order so you can do everything in one area before moving on to the next one and remain spoiler-free. Keep in mind that there are 3 types of achievements in this game:

  • Main to do lists: one per area, required to progress through the game.
  • Secret tasks in the secret to do (as well) lists: those are hidden achievements and the undone tasks won’t be visible until you’ve beaten the game although you can do them as soon as you’ve unlocked their respective area.
  • Timed challenges in the to do (quickly!!) list: require you to complete the entire to-do list of each area under 7 minutes before the church bells rings. Should be done after you’ve finished the game. You can hit the Reset panel in the pause menu any time to attempt the timed challenge of the area you’re currently in.

The Garden

Complete the garden to-do list

  • Get into the garden: turn the tap on the brick wall on to make the gardener exit the garden and open the gate for you.
  • Get the groundskeeper wet: can be done two different ways: turn on the tap while the gardener is next to the hose or grab something in order to get him to chase you into the river south.
  • Steal the groundskeeper’s keys: grab his keys from his waist and hold them for a couple of seconds, more easily stolen when he’s busy bending over.
  • Make the groundskeeper wear his sun hat: displace the red tulip in the middle of the garden, the gardener will bend over to put it back in place and give you the opportunity to steal and run away with his hat, use the secret hole through the hedge left of the lettuce to make your escape, once he can’t find his hat, he’ll put the sun hat on.
  • Rake in the lake: the rake is to the right of the shed, bring it south and into the river without letting the gardener see you.
  • Have a picnic: sandwitch, apple and basket can be found by the bench by the river; radio is on the bags next to the entrance of the garden; pumpkin and carrot are in the garden; jam and thermos are on a table by the shed.
  • Make the groundskeeper hammer his thumb: after doing these tasks the gardener will be fed up with you and put a no geese sign, simply honk while he’s hammering the sign; if he has already placed the sign, simply displace it to make the groundskeeper fix it.


  • Lock the groundskeeper out of the garden.
  • Turn on the tap to bring the groundskeeper outside, steal his keys and run away past the river until he gives up, then rush back to the garden and grab the gate’s lock to close the gate and lock him outside.


  • Cabbage picnic.
  • Bring a cabbage from the garden to the picnic area. Sadly cabbages are too heavy for the goose to pick up so you’ll have to roll it. Use the hole in the hedge to escape the groundkeeper’s attention and bring your green feast to the bottom right picnic area.

The Garden, Quickly

  • Complete the garden to-do list before the church bells ring.
  • Go to The Garden and press Reset in the pause menu to start the timer. You have 7 minutes to finish the main to do list until the church bells ring. In the task list you’ll find red bells to the left of every task done so you can keep track of things even though everything’s already been crossed out. On the “to do (quickly!!)” list which is unlocked after finishing the game there is a post-it telling you how much time you have left. You can use Reset to start over as many times as you want. Be swift and efficient.

The High Street

Complete the high street to-do list

  • Break the broom: go into the woman shop to get her to try chasing you with her mighty broom and grab one end of the broom while she grabs the other to break it.
  • Trap the boy in the phone booth: honk at the anatidaephobe and he’ll run away from you scared to death, run him towards the phone booth and he’ll lock himself in to escape your evil goosery.
  • Get on TV: after trapping the boy in the phone booth, he will call the man in the TV shop to free him, head into the TV shop and press the trigger by the window to become a reality TV superstar.
  • Make the boy wear the wrong glasses: undo the boy’s shoelaces to make it trip and drop his glasses on the floor, take them away from him and then steal a new pair of glasses from the woman’s shop to bring the helpless boy.
  • Make someone buy back their own stuff: steal the boy’s toy on the bench and place it in the woman’s shop, if she’s here when he tries to take it back, she’ll make the poor boy pay to get his own stuff back.
  • Go shopping: drag the shopping basket a bit away from the shop so that the woman doesn’t catch you stealing her goods; loo paper, hairbrush, tinned food, cleaner and fruit & veg can all be found in the woman’s shop, toothbrush on the other hand is in the trashcan to the east, you’ll need to tip it over to get the toothbrush.
  • Trap the shopkeeper in the garage: after doing all this the woman will open up her garage; guide her into it by stealing something from her shop and quickly pull the garage door’s rope to trap her into it, forcing her to go out the other way and open the gate for the next area.


  • Trip the boy in the puddle.
  • Chase the boy into the puddle, untie his shoelaces, and honk again to make him trip into the water puddle.


  • Make the shop scales go ding.
  • Place three items onto the shopkeeper’s scales to bring the meter all the way to the right.


  • Open an umbrella inside the TV shop.
  • Get the TV shop to open by trapping the boy within the phone booth and steal an umbrella from the woman’s shop to drag into the TV shop. Make sure you grab it by the top end of the umbrella so it doesn’t open just yet and then grab the other end to pull it open inside the TV shop. Now you’re safe from roof leaks!


  • Make someone from outside the high street buy back their own stuff.
  • Same as making the boy buy his own stuff back except that it has to be someone from another area this time. You can steal the groundskeeper’s hand shovel from The Garden, put it in the shop, and then steal something else to get the gardener to chase you all the way to the store where he’ll want to buy his stuff back.


  • Trap the boy in the garage.
  • Even easier than trapping the shopkeeper in the garage since you only need to honk to chase the boy into it. Repeat the same process and pull the garage cord while he’s inside to trap him in. That poor lad really isn’t gonna have a good day.

The High Street, Quickly

  • Complete the high street to-do list before the church bells ring.
  • Fairly easy since this is a very small area. Do the phone booth-trapping and TV-appearance tasks subsequently to save time. The biggest chore is to get all the shopping items, keep in mind that you can sneak under the table to escape the shopkeeper’s eagle eye.

The Back Gardens

Complete the back gardens to-do list

  • Make someone break the fancy vase: take the purple vase to the man’s side and he will toss it over the fence like any item to give it back to the woman, little did he expect the vase to break and infuriate the angered woman.
  • Help the woman dress the bust: you need to bring clothing items to the marble cup under the bust to make the woman dress it, things you’ll need are a pair of a glasses, a hat and a pipe from the man’s table, wait for him to read his newspaper to steal his fashion gear with impunity.
  • Make the man spit out his tea: every now and then the man will have a sip a tea, simply ring the bell on the woman’s side while he’s drinking to make him spit it out.
  • Get dressed up with a ribbon: remove the red ribbon from the fake goose on the woman’s side and then hide the goose somewhere without letting the woman see you, you can then take the goose’s place and wait for the woman to notice the removed ribbon and put it back on your precious neck; you’re a fancy goose now!
  • Make the man go barefoot: one slipper can be stolen when the man is reading his newspaper and the other while he’s sipping some tea.
  • Do the washing: the bra and the socks are drying right where you enter the woman’s side, the soap can be found above on a bathtub filled with plants and the slipper stolen from the man; to do the washing bring all the items above to the large fountain down the man’s side; remember to pull the drawer off from the desk up the woman’s side to get back to the man’s.
  • Make someone prune the prize rose: once these done, you’ll be able to drag the tall rose’s box by the woman’s bonsai, do it and then run your beak all over that bonsai to ruin it and get the woman to fix it, she’ll accidentally cut the prize rose off and make the man very angry.


  • Catch an object as it’s thrown over the fence.
  • Move an item to the man’s side so he tosses it over to the woman’s and catch it with your beak before it touches the ground, might require a few tries, spam the grab button and find the exact spot where the object will land.


  • Dress up the bust with things from outside the back gardens
  • There you’ll have to dress it up again but with items scattered around the whole game:

  • A pair of glasses: either from the boy or the shop on The High Street.
  • A toothbrush: from The High Street’s trash bin.
  • A hat: steal the groundskeeper’s hat from The Garden or the old man’s hat from The Pub which is the next area.


  • Score a goal.
  • After finishing The Back Gardens you’ll gain access to a small backyard left of the woman’s with a football goal and a racket. For this achievement you’ll need to go back to The High Street, take the football from the boy, and roll it all the way back to The Back Gardens’ goal. Dribble it from the High Street to the man’s side and he’ll throw it to the woman’s after which you only need to head to the goal and score!

The Back Gardens, Quickly

  • Complete the back gardens to-do list before the church bells ring.
  • This one was the most challenging for me out of all areas. Try to move all the washing’s items and the vase to the man’s side while the woman is busy above so she doesn’t fix the hole in the fence. When you pose as the fake goose for the ribbon, careful not to honk or the man will move down and notice the items in the fountain if you haven’t done the washing yet.

The Pub

Complete the pub to-do list

  • Get into the pub: a mean bully is guarding the entrance of the pub and unlawfully discriminates against all geese so it’s time to make Snake proud, find the box next to the delivery truck right of the pub and hide inside it, then wait for the delivery woman to pick you up and smuggle you inside, you’re in!
  • Break the dartboard: there’s an old man playing darts every now and then, every time he’ll pull his hand back three times before throwing; to make him break the dartboard, honk as soon as he’s pulling back for the 3rd time before he throws the dart.
  • Make the old man fall on his bum: as if making him fail at his favorite game wasn’t enough, you’ll pull the stool away from him before he sits on it, pull very early if it doesn’t work and drag the stool several feet away.
  • Be awarded a flower: next to the old man there are two sitting women dying for some entertainment; stand on the elevated structure and repeat the gestures they instruct you to do, first honk, then bow, and spread your wings to make them ecstatic and award you a flower as a token of thanks; get the red ribbon from The Back Gardens first to also get a secret achievement as shown below.
  • Set the table: all the required items are located on the pub’s terrace where a woman will chase you restlessly or in the back area where you got delivered and where you’ll find the napkin to set the table on.
  • Get the toy boat: above the terrace you’ll find a sink with a toy boat in it, use the valve next to it to turn the tap on and overflow the sink so you can grab the toy boat once the sink is full, sail it under a bridge in the canal for a secret achievement.
  • Steal a pint glass and drop it in the canal: glasses can be found on the terrace, take one and then hide under the stairs, honk to distract the pub’s guard and make your way out without letting anyone catch you and make you drop the glass which will break it; find the canal towards the right and drop it into the water.
  • Drop a bucket on the burly man’s head: once these done you’ll be able to take your revenge on the goose-hater; first head to the storage area and remove a bunch of tomatoes from the box, then go back to the entrance and let the burly man see and chase you into the storage area, let him see the tomatoes and hide under the terrace so he stops chasing you, he’ll start putting the tomatoes back in place, giving you the perfect opportunity to drop the bucket above on his head and make him regret denying you entry!


  • Get thrown over the fence.
  • Grab one of the delivery boxes and drag it all the way to the man’s side of The Back Gardens. It will be a very tight fit through the man’s wooden fence but dragging the box with you is doable. Hide inside the box and honk to catch the man’s attention who will throw you over over the fence like a ragdoll. Ouchie!


  • Sail the toy boat under a bridge.
  • See to do list. Take the boat and get it to float under the bridge east of the pub where you most likely dropped the pint glass.


  • Perform at the pub wearing a ribbon.
  • Head back to The Back Gardens to get the red ribbon on your fancy neck and instead of going to The Pub from the woman’s side where a bush will make you lose your ribbon, leave from the man’s side and return to The Pub to perform for the two women with your pretty ribbon on.


  • Steal the old man’s woolen hat.
  • Pull the chair from the old man when he tries sitting down as shown in the to do list and make him fall to grab his beanie.

The Pub, Quickly

  • Complete the pub to-do list before the church bells ring.
  • Might seem challenging since you have to take time sneaking into the pub but it’s actually not the hardest. Keep the pint glass-canal-tossing for last since you’ll have to head outside of the pub.

The Well


  • Collect the five flowers.

The Well isn’t an actual area, but in the middle of map you’ll find a small area with a well and a basket that connects all main areas of the game. To obtain this achievement you need to place 5 different flowers found in each area of the game in the basket. Here are their locations:

  • The Garden: red tulip at the center of the groundskeeper’s garden.
  • The High Street: white lily found in a trash can inside the woman’s shop right next to the umbrellas (not the toothbrush trash can).
  • The Back Gardens: prize rose which the woman needs to accidentally cut when trimming her Bonsai, refer to the to-do list part of the guide if you don’t remember how.
  • The Pub: daisy obtained from the two women after performing for them.
  • The Miniature Town: Chrysanthemum found by the replica of the groundskeeper’s shed.

The Miniature Town

Thank you for playing our videogame

  • Finish the game.
  • After finishing The Pub’s main tasks, you’ll be able to walk on a bin lid in the back of the storage area to make your way past the fence. This path will lead you to a miniature replica of the very map you’ve been playing! Enjoy the scenery and head towards the castle where you can run your beak on to destroy the main tower and make the golden bell fall. Grab it and take your bounty home where you first started the game south of The Garden area. Apparently this isn’t your first mischief, naughty goose! Where do all these bells came from?

A Secret Prize

  • Earn every other trophy.
  • Lazy devs forgot that only console peasants call their achievements trophies but you get the gist. Obtain all the achievements above by doing every single to do list after beating the game including the timed challenges and you’ll earn a special prize found back home!

Drag your prize all the way to any NPC and let them recognize your teeming superiority in naughtiness by crowning you themselves. Congrats! You are now King of the Geese, Serial Troublemaker and Archarchitect of all Mischief in Geesetown! Honk!

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