Ultrakill – How to Parry Shotgun Pellets

Guide to Parry Shotgun Pellets


You can punch your shotgun pellets. Thats cool but whats good about it? It will make your pellets go faster and make them explode and deal pretty nasty damage. So first you want your blue arm equipped (The feedbacker) because the knuckleblaster cant parry things.

How to Make Them Go Brrr

You want your shotgun out along with your blue arm and shoot and as soon as you release your finger off the button, press punch. Then you have done it! Keep practicing this and you will flawlessly do this while in fast paced combat! im just kidding! There is more.

How to Make Pellet Go Brrr When You Jump

So you have your weapons out and you simply jump and parry your pellets. Yay! You have done it good person! But there is more.

Making Pellet Go BRRR in Mid-Air While Strafing

Strafe in air and parry pellet.

Parrying in mid-air while strafing is not hard.

Why? Because most people simply press fire+punch when its a little sooner after you shoot and even though you and your shotgun pellets travel at different speeds in different directions regardless of that you will always parry while strafing in the air because your timing will be so good that only your arrogance will ♥♥♥ up the parry.

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