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TSM defeats FlyQuest and takes second place in the league. Bjergsen and Broken Blade both popped off this match and carried the team to victory.

TSM kicked things off with a strong turret dive for a quick 2-0 lead in the early game. Broken Blade made the dive easy for his team even though FlyQuest did a pretty good job defending.

At 31 minutes into the game, Broken Blade made some plays and Bjergsen cleaned up for a quick two-kill sequence against FlyQuest. Bjergsen followed up with another pick in the jungle.

TSM followed it up with a deep dive that FlyQuest could not defend against and ended the match there.

FLY 5-15-12 vs 15-5-34 TSM
V1per aatrox 1-2-3 TOP 2-2-8 sett Broken Blade
Santorin Zac 1-5-2 JNG 2-2-8 gragas Dardoch
PowerOfEvil orianna 1-2-2 MID 7-0-5 irelia Bjergsen
WildTurtle aphelios 1-2-1 BOT 4-1-4 miss fortune Kobbe
IgNar thresh 1-4-4 SUP 0-0-9 nautilus Biofrost
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