Tower Unite – Island Minigolf Guide

A guide for easy hole-in-ones on Island.

Guide to Island Minigolf

Hole #4

  • Power: Middle of 3
  • Aim at the line behind the 2nd brick.

Hole #8

  • Power: Middle of R in “par”
  • Aim perfectly straight.

Hole #13

  • Power: Beginning of R in “stroke”
  • Aim slightly to the left.

Hole #16

  • Power: Middle of O in “stroke”
  • Aim straight.
  • This hole isn’t always a guaranteed HIO.

Hole #17

  • Power: Start of 7 in “17”
  • Aim: Perfectly straight.
  • Timing: Time the shot to when the moving bar is just about to start going back down from the furthest position.

Hole #18

  • Power: In between “par” and “3”
  • Aim slightly to the left.
  • Pure physics RNG.

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