Tower Unite – Halloween Secret Achievements (Detective & Spoils of the Dead)

Just a little guide for the recently added secret halloween achievements.

How to Obtain All Halloween Secret Achievements

Bones Location #1

This is in the maze, if you just keep moving forward from the entrance in the maze you should come across it in one of the corners.

Bones Location #2

This particular one, #2 is found underneath a stone arch behind the slides that are apart of the pool.

Bones Location #3

Bones location is as shown in the picture, just in front of the lighthouse on one of the rocks.

Bones Location #4

This bone location is at the peninsula/fishing area, and is roughly at the edge of the back cliff, this location is at the top north east of the map.

Bones Location #5

This specific location is directly below location #4, it is in the cave below the peninsula fishing area. (North east edge of the Map)

Bones Location #6

This one is in the greenhouse as shown.

Bones Location #7

This one is actually off of the Tower Island, as shown in the picture, it is on the beach of the island west of the main Tower Island.

Bones Location #8

This one is below the fishing docks, directly north of the Tower, not the boardwalk, the fishing docks.

Bones Location #9

This one is located in the little fishing pond just right outside of the Tower, to the east.

Bones Location #10

Finally, #10, this one is behind the oasis, south-west of oasis, next to the lazy river, and perched upon the rocks.

Hidden Treasure Location

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