Tour Guide Quest in Temtem – Umbrella Location

Temtem Tour Guide quest is a side quest that you can complete for the tour operator NPC in Arrisola and earn the Umbrella gear item. To complete the Tour Guide side quest in Temtem, you’ll have to correctly pick answers for several multiple choice questions. It’s not too hard, but it does return you to the start whenever you make a mistake, which is really annoying. With all that said, here’s our Tour Guide Quest in Temtem – Umbrella Location guide to show you how to beat the quest, correct answers included, and how to get the Umbrella gear item.

Tour Guide Quest in Temtem Umbrella Location
Tour Guide Quest in Temtem – Umbrella Location

How to Complete Temtem Tour Guide Quest – How to Get Umbrella?

To complete the Tour Guide quest in Temtem, and earn the Umbrella, you have to complete a series of sentences. First, talk to the tour operator, standing at an exclamation mark in Arrisola. have a chat with them, and accept their quest. From the tour operator, head to the little gaggle of NPCs right next to them. Talk to the NPCs, and you’ll have to complete the “tour.” Basically, it boils down to completing several sentences with the correct info. Here are the correct answers:

  • Welcome to Arissola, capital of Deniz…
  • Pasiphae of Turquesa…
  • Thalassian Cliffs
  • The town of Turquesa.

The last answer doesn’t seem to matter, since we said Luisouvenirs, and that wasn’t the correct answer. However, we still got the next line of dialogue. We just told them to enjoy the rest of their stay, and everything was fine. If I needed to hazard a guess, I’d assume the right response was The ruins of Windward Fort. However, again, you can apparently choose whatever you want, and it’ll still count.

Once you clear the gauntlet of questions, head right back to the tour operator and talk to them. In return for the favor you did, you’ll get the Umbrella. It’s a gear item that you can give to one of the Temtems, and it will reduce damage taken from Water techniques by 20%. It’s a really, really useful item, and earning it is ridiculously simple.

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