Total War: Three Kingdoms – Getting Started

Whether you are new to the franchise and need help with the basics or a hardened veteran looking to master the mechanics, this guide contains a series of short videos to help you learn how to play Total War: Three Kingdoms.

The videos are narrated in English and have subtitles in other languages.

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Whether you are new to Total War, or an advanced player looking to add some finesse to their playstyle. We’ve worked to produce a series of short videos to help you out.

Remember, if you are ever stuck in game, you can access these videos by pressing F2 or F1 when you are stuck in-game and right clicking on the UI element that is puzzling you.

The Basics

New to Total War

A top level run-through of what Total War games are exactly and how they function for you the player.

New to Three Kingdoms

A less top-level run-through covering specifically new to Three Kingdoms, features, goals and rules.

How to win a campaign

Looking at a few of the ways to win a campaign in Three Kingdoms from becoming Emperor to Military domination.

How to win a battle

An excellent summary, of units types, basic strategy and most importantly KEYBOARD BINDINGS that any new total war player should know – such as moving your army as one set structured formation for example.

How do I set up custom/ multiplayer battles?

Army Management

How do I recruit a unit?

What are retinues and how to use them?

How do I maximise unit replenishment?

Can I upgrade units?

Can I dismiss or merge units and retinues?

How far can my armies move?

What are army stances?

Unique Faction Specialisation

Each playable faction has its own faction specialisation, a unique mechanic which heavily influences its playstyle. This is noted in the faction’s description before a campaign begins, and in the faction summary panel during a campaign.

Cao Cao – Credibility

Sun Jian – Heroism

Zheng Jiang – Infamy

Yuan Shu – Legitimacy

Yuan Shao – Lineage

Dong Zhuo – Intimidation

Character Management

  • How do I manage character satisfaction?
  • What are the best skills for my character?
  • What makes a character good/bad at a specific role?
  • How do I see and manage character relationships?
  • How do I increase my characters rank?
  • How do I earn & equip ancillaries?

Link to playlist.

Commandery Management

  • How do I unlock and construct buildings?
  • How do I manage public order?
  • How do I get more building slots?
  • How can I make more money?
  • What is faction support?
  • How do I use assignments?

Link to playlist.

Spies and Diplomacy

  • How do I recruit and deploy a spy?
  • How do I use a deployed spy?
  • How do I use Quick Deal in diplomacy?
  • How do I improve my diplomatic reliability?

Link to playlist.

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