Total War: Three Kingdoms – Fatigue Guide

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As units run and fight over the course of a battle, they will become steadily more fatigued. Increasing fatigue reduces a unit’s movement speed and its effectiveness in combat. Walking does not impact fatigue. Troops stood idle and unengaged will recover over time, and walking troops will recover fatigue, though less quickly than when stood idle.

Managing your units’ fatigue requires a common-sense approach. For example, if you order your units to run everywhere, or they spend significant time in combat, they will become more fatigued.

Some useful ways to reduce the effects of fatigue are to walk your troops into position when the battle begins rather than running them. Also, if you have the luxury of numbers on your side, consider holding a few units back when you commit your army to battle. This way, you can cycle exhausted troops off the front-line to rest, replacing them with your fresh troops who will charge more swiftly and fight more effectively.

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