The Time of Awakening – 100% Achievements Guide (with All Endings)

In this guide you can find all relevant choices and endings for obtaining 100% achievements!


The Time Of Awakening is a short visual novel with a total of 7 achievements. Six of them are connected to different endings. You can press left “Ctrl” key to skip text. Start the game to unlock:

Take a tea break

  • Lay aside for 10 minutes.


  • To persuade her.
  • Choose the third.
  • Don’t drink it.

Save 1 after the intro, before the next choice.

  • Teach Maur magic.
  • Straight into the capital.
  • Face him directly.
  • Don’t watch.
  • Enter in.
  • Don’t debunk him.

Load 1 after returning to the main menu.

  • Teach Maur magic.
  • Sneak into the capital at night.
  • Deal with it by self.
  • Let her leave.

Save 2 before the next choice.

True Ending

Ture End

  • Back to a distant homeland.

Normal Endings

Don’t skip too long after the final choice. Enable auto mode and wait for the title screen.

Load 2 and choose:

Eteass End

  • Her royal highness.

Eteass End

  • Invitation of The Princess.

Rocked End

  • The chief of a tribe.

Rocked End

  • Getting over it with The Big Chief.

Maur End

  • A naughty girl.

Maur End

  • Sea Salted Fish King.

Leage End

  • The bishop.

Leage End

  • The White Dragon and the Pale Sky.

Baekatia End

  • An incredible woman.

Baekatia End

  • Enthusiastic care from Miss Pharmacist.

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