The Long Dark – Guide to Defeating Timberwolves

Something to know when facing timberwolves.

How to Defeat Timberwolves

How to Defeat Them

  • Timberwolves will continue to attack until the pack’s Morale is fully depleted.
  • Morale can be lowered by by shooting or throwing objects at the Timberwolves.
  • Once a Timberwolf Pack’s Morale is fully depleted, surviving members will flee and will not attack again for a short time.
  • Marine Flares are also effective at stopping Timberwolf lunges, although normal Flares are not.
  • Both types of hand-held flare are effective at keeping Timberwolves at bay (~15m), just outside their lunge distance.
  • A single lit Marine flare can be used to deplete a pack’s Morale by repeatedly throwing it at the ground between the player and a Timberwolf, and then picking up the flare to repeat the process.

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