Looking for the Hillcrest Garage Safe Combination in The Last of Us Part 2? This safe is in the Hillcrest chapter of the game, inside the Auto Parts and Repair shop. In this guide, we will walk you through exactly where to find the safe and the combination.

The Last of Us Part 2 Hillcrest Garage Safe Combination

  • Safe Location: Hillcrest Garage / Auto Parts and Repair
  • Combo Location: Pub Kitchen, on the wall
  • Safe Combination: 30-82-65

The safe code is inside the grocery store, which is by the liquor store across from the salon. It’s written on a note, which is also an Artefact, called Dale’s Combo. You can find it on the wall of the pub kitchen. 

“When Dale comes by, he’s going to ask for the safe combo, but just walk over to the garage and put it in yourself. Otherwise, he’s going to bother you eight more times. The combo is 30-82-65.”

To get to the safe, head through the salon and out the back. You must jump over the fence and move the dumpster to access the building with the safe inside. Be careful, because there are a few infected that rush out at you. A Molotov makes short work of them, though.

The Hillcrest Garage Safe is particularly useful because it contains a long gun holster. You may not be able to open the safe if you are stuck in combat. This bug has been happening to a few people. Look for any runners that got away from you, as they can keep you in combat and make it impossible to open the safe. 

I hope this guide helps you out because we had some trouble figuring out how to open this safe. For a complete list, check out our The Last of Us Part 2 Safe Combinations and Locations guide.