The Division 2: Where to Kill 10 Enemy Scorchers

There is a named AR in The Division 2 called the Savage Wolverine players can now earn as they progress the Firewall specialization. This new AR is rather powerful and should be high on players priorities to acquire. Like other weapons you need to complete a number of requirements to unlock this named High End. One requirement is to kill 10 enemy Scorchers. If you don’t know what Scorchers are they are the Outcast enemies wielding flamethrowers. To help you easily complete this step use our where to kill 10 enemy Scorchers guide below.

Farm Scorchers in the Roosevelt Island Stronghold

Image showing the location of the Body Incineration area of the Roosevelt Island Stronghold in The Division 2.
Image showing the Scorcher Enemy type in The Division 2.

Note: run this Stronghold on Solo + Normal. Or with a group that is farming.

To easily farm 10 Scorchers for the Savage Wolverine requirement you want to run the Stronghold called Roosevelt Island. As you progress through this mission you will reach an area called Body Incineration (seen on map above). In this location you will trigger a No Respawn zone. This works in our favor as we simply want to enter the area, kill any Scorchers we see then die. Repeat this process until you’ve killed 10 Scorchers.

The reason I recommend doing this solo is simply that when you die the enemies reset. If you do this in a group it takes more coordination as you will need to squad wipe each time you want to respawn the enemies. The other bonus of using this area to farm the Scorchers is that it contains the boss The Wildfire which is an objective of the second stage of the Savage Wolverine/Firewall specialization.

That’s all you need to know to farm 10 enemy Scorchers in The Division 2. Overall this objective should only take you a few minutes to complete. Happy hunting.

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