The Division 2: Reanimated Guide

Week nine of the first season of The Division 2 is upon us and that means it is time for a new activity. This week’s activity is called Global Event: Reanimated. As the name suggests this events involves enemies coming back to life upon being defeated. Taking part in this seasonal event allows you to earn rewards. To learn more about this event check out our Reanimated guide below.

What are the Reanimated Event Challenges

Image showing what the Reanimated event challenges are found in The Division 2.

The Reanimated event is a currently running global event in The Division 2. This event can be activated/deactivated from the Season 1 > Reanimated page. When activated enemies will return to life if they are not defeated with a headshot. When killed with a headshot enemies trigger a mist of corrosive damage. During this Global Event you have daily challenges to complete:

Day 1 Reanimated Challenges (14*)

  1. Eliminate 200 re-animated hostiles (4*).
  2. Eliminate 10 hostiles with consecutive headshots (3*).
  3. Inflict corrosive damage from headshots on 50 re-animated hostiles (2*).
  4. Eliminate re-animated hostiles before they get up (2*).
  5. Melee kill non re-animated hostiles (2*).
  6. Complete any Main Mission on hard difficulty or above (1*).

Day 2 Reanimated Challenges (14*)

  • Eliminate 200 non re-animated hostiles with headshots (4*).
  • Burn 100 re-animated hostiles (3*).
  • Eliminate 50 hostiles with weak point kills (2*).
  • Eliminate 50 re-animated Hyenas (2*).
  • Eliminate 20 Outcast hostiles with corrosive headshot damage (2*).
  • Take a photo of 5 re-animated hostiles (1*).

Day 3 Reanimated Challenges (12*)

  • Complete any Main Mission and eliminate 20 non-re-animated hostiles with headshots (4*).
  • Eliminate 25 re-animated hostiles with grenades (2*).
  • Eliminate 25 re-animated hostiles with at least one directive set.
  • Complete any Main Mission on Challenging Difficulty or above (2*).
  • Headshot 25 hostiles with a Specialization Weapon (1*).
  • Eliminate 10 re-animated hostiles with a melee attack (1*).

Day 4 Reanimated Challenges (*)

  • Eliminate 100 re-animated hostiles with headshots (4*).
  • Take over a control point with all hostiles re-animating and without leaving the capture radius (3*).
  • Eliminate 20 re-animated Elite hostiles (2*).
  • Complete any Stronghold on hard difficulty or above (2*).
  • Eliminate 20 re-animated Black Tusk (2*).
  • Eliminate 10 re-animated hostiles with skill kills (1*).

Complete the above mentioned challenges to earn stars which apply towards progress for rewards. Earning stars will help rank you up which unlocks rewards at each new rank. These rewards can be found and claimed on the Reanimated season page.

How Reanimation Works in The Division 2?

Image showing a zombie enemy in The Division 2.

During the Renimation event you will notice much of the gameplay remains the same, but enemy encounters are different. When you encounter enemies you may notice they do not die from body shots, but instead become reanimated (rise with green bar of health). To defeat these zombie enemies you will want to destroy the brains with a headshot. When killed with a headshot the enemies will release a corrosive cloud. If you wish to avoid reanimated enemies entirely defeat living enemies with headshots when you first encounter them.

What are the Rewards for Reanimated?

Image showing rank 6 - 10 rewards for the Reamimated rewards in The Division 2.

There are a total of 10 Reanimated rewards available for players to earn over this week long event. These rewards range from Apparel caches to Exotic caches. If you reach the max progress you will unlock a special Backpack Trophy for the event. Here’s all the rewards for the Reanimated event:

Rank 1-5 Reanimated Rewards

  • Headhunter arm patch (1)
  • Gear Crafting Cache (2).
  • Weapons Crafting Cache (3).
  • Season Cache (4).
  • Brand Crafting Cache (5).

Rank 6- 10 Reanimated Rewards

  • Named Item Cache (6).
  • Season Cache (7).
  • Recalibration Cache (8).
  • Exotic Cache (9).
  • Skullbreaker Backpack Trophy (10).

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