The Division 2: How to Use the New Recalibaration Station

The Destiny 2 expansion Warlords of New York is finally out now and with it comes a host of new additions like Armor 2.0 and changes to how re-calibration works. Previously it was more about luck than anything else regarding the stats you have on your items. Now the new Recalibration allows you to be more intricate in what items you can apply. To learn more about the system continue reading below to learn how to use the new Recalibration station.

How to the New Recalibration System in Update 8?

Image showing the new Recalibration Station menu in The Division 2 Update 8.

As you did previously, Recalibration Stations can be accessed at Base of Operations like the White House and Haven. Interact with the bench and you will see a screen with two options:

  • Recalibration Station: You can recalibrate one stat on your items at the Recalibration Station. Select this option if you wish to replace a stat on your items.
  • Recalibration Library (New): The Recalibration Library is a new addition in Update 8. As the name of this suggests this option allows you to destroy items to allow you to bank their stats. These banked stats can then be used at the Recalibration Station.

Instead of rerolling for stats you will now want to find items that have max stats and bank them for future use. This will allow you to create better weapons and gear sets. There is still a large level of chance, but you now have higher control over creating your builds.

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