The Coin Game – How to Get Money (Easy Method)

A really strange yet easy way to get a lot of money in the Coin Game.

Guide to Get Money


I found this strategy not too long after the carnival was added into the game. I thought it would have been nerfed for survival but surprise surprise, it still works. However with the survival aspect in mind it requires a kick start to work.

The Kickstart

Upon starting a survival game you start with only $2.50 which is just not enough to get going. The best kickstart for the strategy is to mow Barry’s lawn, which will give you at least $20. Now that may sound scary but if you do the strategy successfully you will not need to do it again.

Getting the Banana

Now that you have some startup money It’s time to begin the strategy. Top off your health and energy needs, get on your bike and head to the carnival. Once at the carnival you need to play the “shoot the star game” 3 times to get enough prize credits for a banana. Tips for the star game: you need to shoot out all the red on the star, the best way to do this is to turn down your mouse sensitivity, and move closer to your screen. try to shoot in small “click-bursts” so that you don’t waste ammo.

Pawn the Banana

The next thing you need to do is to pawn off the banana at Barry’s pawn shop. Make sure to avoid the “bully bots” as they might actually beat you to death. As I am making this guide this you should get $100 for every banana. Repeat everything after mowing the lawn and you will be rich!

The Maths and the Explanation

You may be wondering: how does this strategy work? well you just need to go big brain time.

Every game you play at the “shoot the star” game at the carnival costs $5, you get 3 prize credits every time you win, the banana costs 9 prize credits so if you win every game it costs $15 for a single banana. Every banana you sell, you get $100 so if you apply the tips i shared earlier to win every single time, so you are making $85 per banana. with said money you can repeat the process and take more than one banana to Barry’s which can make you hundreds. By the end of day 3 I had over $1000 from farming this strategy. I had been holding onto this strategy since I discovered it when the carnival was first added and now that survival mode is a thing I can share my knowledge.

Enjoy Your Riches

As long as you farm this strategy for vast amounts of time you practically can never run out of money. You can even get that golf cart for $850. As long as you keep your health and energy up, and farm the heck out of this strategy, you practically cant die. So have fun, at least until Devotid finds this “exploit” and nerfs it into the ground.

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