Image via Activision

A deceptive part of your gaming setup that everyone tends to ignore in Warzone is your audio settings. If you’re using a good headset, you have to balance game audio both for the mic itself and for the game. Advising you on how you should be setting up your headset is worthy of an academic essay, so I’m going to go over what you should be adjusting in-game so that you’re not getting snuck up on as much. Here are the best audio settings for Warzone.

It’s worth noting that I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from TeePee’s audio setup. Teep is an old COD pro, so he knows a thing or two on how to get the most out of your gameplay. 

The Best Audio Settings for Warzone

These are the best audio settings to use while playing Warzone:

  • Music Volume: 0.
  • Dialogue Volume: 0.
  • Master Audio: 80.
  • Audio Mix: Boost High.
  • Effects Volume: 90.
  • Juggernaut Music: Enabled. 

You have a few other customization options, such as hitmarker sound, but those come down to personal preference rather than any sort of optimization. 

With this setup, the goal is to minimize any unnecessary noise or distractions, hence the lack of dialogue or music. You want to hear gunfights or footsteps, not some tune pulled straight from your local DJs Saturday night playlist. 

Pulling down the master audio and the effects volume will give you more versatility in how you want to set your headset up. If you’re not using one, though, feel free to push both of these up to 100. 

The most important part of these settings is the music and dialogue. Even if you don’t touch the rest of your sliders, getting rid of both of these is going to let you focus more on your gameplay while you’re mid-game.