The Beast Inside – All Achievement Guide (General and Hidden)

In this guide you can find coplete achievement list for The Beast Inside game.

General Achievements

Where it all begins

  • Complete Chapter 1


  • Find the Key to the Attic

Long Arm of Justice

  • Defeat John Norton

Eagle Eye

  • Find 10 hidden messages


  • Collect 10 notes as Adam

Avid reader

  • Collect 10 notes as Nicolas

No secrets

  • Find all hidden messages


  • Collect all notes as Adam


  • Collect all notes as Nicolas


  • Light 30 candles

Boy with the matches

  • Collect 50 boxes of matches

Full tank

  • Collect 50 bottles of kerosene

Hidden Achievements

No noise

  • Shoot down all anomalies

Cold Bastard

  • Defeat Walter Gilman


  • Chase away Norton’s Ghost 10 times in the woods

Gonzo journalist

  • Collect all newspaper clippings


  • Solve the Enigma

Agent H.

  • Find all Harold’s notes


  • Hear every news message on the radio

Breaking with the past

  • Choice No. 1 (Good Nicolas)

Awakening the Beast

  • Choice No. 2 (Evil Nicolas)

Closed ward

  • Ending No. 1 (Adam is sick)


  • Ending No. 2 (Adam kills the doctor)


  • Ending No. 3 (Adam kills Emma)

The End of Madness

  • Ending No. 4 (Adam kills himself)

The True Beast

  • Finish the game

Citizen of Blackstone

  • Unlock all achievements

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