Terraria – Mod Recommendations (Journey's End / Update 1.4)

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This is a guide for people that are getting started in modding and are a bit lost on the vastnes that is the tModloader mod list.

Game Changing Mods

Terraria Overhaul:

For me Overhaul is one of the most ambitious mods ever made. It changes so much of the base game that you might as well call it a new game. It doesn’t have all those fancy bosses that the other mods have but it adds so many new mechanics and systems to the game that change the core experience so much.

The only problem i have with this mod is that its lurning curve is all in pre-hard mode. Usually i give up on playing it after the mechanical bosses just because there is not much to lurn after that. But with just how many updates this mod receives i don’t think this’ll be a problem for long.

Calamity Thorium Tremor:

I know some of you have some mixed feeling for some of those mods (cof, cof… Tremor… cof). But in essence they all have the same purpose. Add a ton of bosses.

I’ve actually never played none of these mods, but from what I’ve herd they seem pretty fun. Especially Calamity. I’ve been planing to play it for years now but never got into it.

Useful Mods #1 (Less Grind)


Makes so when you hit an ore all of then drop at once. Makes mining a breeze.


This mod changes the max stack of items to 10K (or more). Can be configured.

Magic Storage:

Adds a big storage system to the game. This mod is a bit confusing at first but trust me it will help you big time.

Imksushi’s Mod:

This mod gives you special tokens when you kill enemies that can be exchanged for some uncraftable items. Helps against the RNG and the grindness of some of this mob drops.

Lan’s Uncraft Itens:

This mod lets you uncraft any craftable item in the game.

Useful Mods #2 (Boss Related)

Yet another boss health bar:

Adds a neet little health bar for bosses on the bottom of the screen. I think this mod is even coming to vanilla terraria on the next update (yeah it’s that good).

Health and mana from bosses:

Every time you kill a boss you receive a bunch of life and mana crystals. Great for multiplayer.

No expert boss health scaling:

Pretty self explanatory. Makes so you can have expert bosses and loot with vanilla HP. Good for multiplayer if your friends don’t have good gear or if you’re just having a hard time with the bosses.

Boss checklist:

helps you track all the bosses you’ve killed so far. Great if you are playing on multiple maps i guess.

Boss cursor:

adds a cursor indication the location of the bosses you’re fighting.

Boss highlights:

This is a big mod. Adds a lot of helpful stuff, including a respawn timer and even it’s oun checklist and boss cursor. Unfortunately this mod is not on the current version of tmodloader.

Useful Mods #3 (Good Stuff)


Re-adds the consolemobile exclusive items into the game.


This is one of my favorites. Adds a bunch of new ammo to the game specially on pre-hard mod.

Alchemist NPC:

Adds some new NPCs to the game, all related to potions. I recommend that you download the Lite version of this mod. The original one adds a bunch of unnecessary (and OP) stuff into the game.

Botanist NPC:

An NPC that sells plants. It’s kinda unnecessary if you have the Alchemist NPC mod but still I like it just to have the option of making the potion myself. And the NPC is a duck.

Some Other Stuff

Cheat Sheet:

This is basically a cheat mod. Great to test mods and just cheat a bit.

Campfire Buffs:

Makes the campfire give you some extra buffs when near it.

Copper to Wire:

Pretty self explanatory. Helps a lot on the lategame where you have a bunch of copper and nothing to do with it.

Fun Death Sounds:

Just a funny mod to mess with your friends.

Destruction Tiles:

Mekes some projectiles destroy tiles. Pretty useless I know but still it gives a bit more of emersion to the game.

No More Tombs:

Remove those annoying tombs when you die.

Remove Fishing Quest Limit:

Pretty self explanatory. Helps a lot with the fishing achievements.

Better Night Sky:

Gives the game a better night sky (duh).

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