Terraria – How to Spawn the Empress of Light in Pre-Hardmode

Have you ever wanted to put your Terraria skills to the test and beat a Hardmode boss before even killing the WoF? Well now you can with this strange glitch! This glitch will allow you to summon the Empress of Light before you even enter hardmode.

Guide to Spawn the Empress of Light

Pre World-Gen

First we need to create your character. This is made much simpler in 1.4 due to copy paste character templates! Simply create a journey mode character. Nothing special here.

Unlike previous versions we can no longer manipulate world gen using character names. Luckily this isn’t needed due to one of the new seeds added in 1.4!

When making your world, just make sure you set the seed to “12112011” (This seed is a reference to the release date of 1.1 which introduced the Hallow).

The world size doesn’t matter, but if you want to get some extra miles in you can choose to make a big world.

One thing to note is that you should NOT upload these to the cloud, as it could corrupt data.

Now you’re ready for Step 2.

Note for

The current version broke the seed and disabled the Hallow from being created upon world gen, so you’ll have to manually add it using Hallowed Seeds from random chest loot)

Start —> Skeletron

When you first load the world you should be in the Hallow (no longer the case in

Note: If this isn’t patched in 1.4.1, you can just use Holy Water from a random underground chest.

Just start off like any other playthrough, just make sure you don’t lose your finch staff (or just research it…).


I never implied this would be eas… wait a minute its Journey Mode.

Just give yourself god mode, set the difficulty to master, and reap the benefits of it all!

If you keep trucking through like this you’ll accidentally beat the WoF without even knowing it!

Glitched Hallow (Not Clickbait)

Now that you have tons of gear without even trying, it’s time to talk about the Hallow the world generated (or the one you made with Holy Water).

You see, the game normally only spawns Prismatic Lacewings after Planterra has been defeated, and since this is normal Terraria, its going to remain that way.

But why wait for it to spawn when we can just get it in our inventory?

I Guess Why Not

Considering this game is made in a 10 year old outdated program, you’ve got to expect some broken stuff. Now I’m no genius, in fact I’m just a girl with far too much time to test obscure things, but 661 and 661 are the same thing right?


They are completely different things. 661 is a Prismatic Lacewing, while 661 is a Pearlwood Bow.

Now what if I told you that you could make them the same?

You see, when you drop an item it retains its internal ID. In this case the Pearlwood Bow has the same internal ID as the Prismatic Lacewing. So in theory, by dropping a Pearlwood Bow and then forcing it to forget its current properties we could summon a Prismatic Lacewing!

The easiest way to do this is to either drop it from Space all the way to Hell unimpeded, or use the Hoik glitch to send it at least 300 blocks away.

I have no clue why this works, but I’m not about to question it. My only (uneducated) guess is that by sending it off screen it attempts to unload it, but the movement keeps loading it, and eventually the game just says “i guess why not” and bugs out.

Considering our goal is to spawn the Empress of Light, using the Hoik glitch is our only option. I suggest finding the Bound Goblin after killing a Goblin Army (which will no doubt be easier than writing this guide) so you can purchase a ruler. Using the ruler and some disposable blocks, create a 300 block long hoik conveyor leading to your hallow. I suggest making a second one for your own use so you can get there in time before it despawns, but if you just want to set it free, 1 will do.

Now all that’s left to do is hit it.

Backup Plan

If the previous steps didn’t work, don’t worry, I have a backup.

First you will want to load an old version of Terraria. This can be done by just using Tmodloader if you’re lazy like me.

Now create a new mediumcore player named “item:4961;1:21”.

I have no clue how or why this works. If I remember correctly it has something to do with how the game stores IDs, but I could be completely wrong. (You can tell how adept with coding I am)

But yeah once you do that, create a new world, join it, leave, and then while its saving press alt-f4.

This should corrupt the file (Something I am all too familiar with).

Now move the corrupt file to your 1.4 files (you should find it under My Games in your Documents; don’t move the backup, that will lead to more corruptions).

Now load the game and select the character with no name.

Character Doesn’t Load

If your character doesn’t load, add it to the cloud, then create a new character and add them to the cloud as well. Once you’ve done that, try loading the character again, if it doesn’t load, continue here, if it does load, you messed up and need to retry from the last step.

Load the new Cloud Character and join your 12112011 world.

Once the world loads press alt f4 to exit without saving.

The Light

Now you need to load TEdit 1.4 and spawn in a chest with 999 Prismatic Lacewings.

Sadly the Empress of Light enrages when attempted to be spawned in pre-hardmode and becomes the Empress of Fight or Flight.

Sadly, she cannot be fought in game, but will instead force you into a coma in which you will dream of fighting her. If you win, you wake up, if you lose you will forever be cursed to see her master’s true form.

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