Terraria – How to Obtain the Moon Lords Legs (Journey's End / Update 1.4)

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So you want the Moon Lords Legs? This is the guide for you.

Guide to Getting the Moon Lords Legs

Step 1

Pick or create a character (I don’t need to tell you how to do that, right?). And select “New” on the world select screen.

So, now you’ve done that, there is ONE important step you need to do which will make this holy easter egg work.

Step 2

Now, you’ll need to enter this super important seed, which is the release date of 1.4 (obviously). Now you need to type “05162020” into the seed part.

Like so:

Now i’m not entirely sure if the world has to be medium, large or small, or corruption or crimson but I know you can name it whatever you want.

Step 3

Now you’ll know if you’ve done it correctly if the following image is what you’re screen is right now:

The text and hints will be a bunch of numbers, the background is mushroom background, the clouds are literal Terraria God, and the moon is a smiley face. Also once the world has been generated the tree will be corruption and crimson:

Final Step

Now you load onto the world (obviously). You’ll start with different music and a party girl NPC as well as a guide.

You’re final task is to explore the surface chests and look for the moon lords legs (I found them inside a tree, it’s best to search the many tree’s of the world you just created).

They’ll look like this inside a chest (Keep in mind they will be alongside the regular loot you obtain in a chest):

Congratulations, soldier! You have obtained the long awaited holy grail of Terraria!

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