Temtem: Where to Find XP Share Item Coward’s Cloak

Temtem takes a number of design cues from Pokemon and puts its own spin on them. One design choice found in the game is the inclusion of XP share. With that said XP share works different than you’d expect as it applies to one Temtem at a time through an item called Coward’s Cloak. To help you get this item, here’s where to find XP Share item Coward’s Cloak.

Important Note: this quest requires the surfboard to reach.

Where to Find Coward’s Cloak in Temtem

Image showing where to go to reach the Coward's Cloak in Temtem.

To get the Coward’s Cloak item you need to first complete the Arissola Dojo. Once you’ve completed this dojo you will receive the surfboard which allows you to surf. With the surfboard in hand make your way to the Windward Fort on Deniz and use the surfboard on the water in the bottom floor of the fort with the prison cells. On the water head to the left out of the exit marked on the screenshot above.

Map showing the location of the chest containing the Coward's Cloak in Temtem.

Make your way through the water and battle the Belsoto tamers along the way until you reach the chest on the little island in the middle of the map above. Inside this chest you will find the Coward’s Cloak item. Like other items the Coward’s Cloak can be held by a Temtem to reap its benefits.

How does XP Share work in Temtem?

XP Share in Temtem works slightly different than in Pokemon. Instead of sharing XP across your entire party the Coward’s Cloak can be equipped on a sole Temtem for it to gain XP during fights. This means you can quickly level up specific Temtem, but not your entire squad. With that said this is a nice item to have if you are looking to level up underlevelled Temtem quickly.

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