Temtem: Where to Catch Oceara

In Temtem there are a number of rare Temtem for players to find across the various islands in the game. These rare Temtems have low spawn rates and require a bit of effort to find an capture. One rare Temtem you may want to catch is Oceara. Below I will show you where to catch Oceara in Temtem.

Important Note: this quest requires the surfboard to reach.

How to Get to the Aquamarina Caves

Image showing how to get to the Aquamarina Caves in Temtem.

To catch yourself an Oceara you need to reach an area on the first island of Deniz called the Aquamarina Caves. As the name of this location suggests the location is accessible via a cave entrance. To reach the entrance head to Brical de Mar and surf out onto the Sillaro River. Head north along the river to the cave entrance marked on the map above. This entrance leads you to the Aquamarina Caves.

Where Do You Catch Oceara?

Image showing the room to catch Oceara in in Temtem.

Inside the Aquamarina Caves make your way north and exit through the stairs furthest right on the top of the map. Follow the path through to the next exit and you will arrive in the area shown on the map above. Inside this room surf around until you encounter Oceara. Keep in mind Oceara is a rare spawn with a 5% chance of appearing so you may need to spend some time in this room. Once you encounter Oceara capture it to add this rare Temtem to your collection.

That’s everything you need to know to catch a Oceara for yourself. As mentioned above this Temtem is considered rare so catching one will take a bit of effort on your part. Good luck.

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