Temtem: Where to Catch Crystle

In Temtem players choose from three Temtem at the start of the game before starting their journey. These three Temtem can all be caught in the game (only one currently, but eventually), so you can deck your team out with all starters if you so desire. To help you catch the starters here’s our where to catch Crystle guide.

Where can You Catch Crystle?

Image showing where to catch Crystle in Temtem.
Image showing a caught Crystle in Temtem.

Advance the main story of Temtem until you reach the island of . Here you traverse the island until you reach Quetzal and ultimately end up in jail. Once you break out of prison you arrive in the Mines of Mictlan.

The Mines of Mictlan are home to many crystal types of Temtem including Crystle. Now I don’t have any numbers around its spawn rate but I assume Crystle is a very rare spawning meaning you can see it about 5% of the time. In terms of locations I found mine at the location pictured above. This area is just before the red crystal fields. It features three sets of tamers, with two sets guarding boxes on both sides of the path. You follow along this path while escaping.

In this location run around until you encounter Crystle. Before attempting this you want to have a collection of Temcards on you (or better yet Temcard+). Once you encounter Crystle treat it like any encounter. Avoid killing it and instead focus on chipping away its health until you catch it.

That’s all you need to know on where to catch Crystle in Temtem. As a Crystal type Temtem, Crystle is a solid choice, especially as a counter to the Houchic starter.

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