Temtem: What Temtem are Starters?

Temtem plays out a lot like Pokemon. You start the game and visit the professor to receive your first Temtem. But what are Temtem are starters? This post will highlight the three starting Temtem for players to choose from in Temtem.

Note: you will be able to get all the Temtem in the game at some point in time so don’t fret over which starter you choose.


Image showing the Crystle starting Temtem.
  • Type: Crystal.
  • Strong Against: Electric and Mental.
  • Weak Against: Fire and Earth.
  • Can be found: Tucma near Amethyst Barrens.


Image showing Smazee in Temtem.
  • Type: Melee.
  • Strong Against: Earth and Crystal.
  • Weak Against: Mental.
  • Can be found: Lochburg.


Image showing the Houchic starter in Temtem.
  • Type: Mental.
  • Strong Against: Neutral and Melee.
  • Weak Against: Crystal.
  • Can be found: Properton College.

Which Starting Temtem to Choose?

Currently the only starting Temtem that can be found in the game as of launch is Crystle. With that in mind you may want to choose from either Smazee or Houchic as a starter. With that said you should pick the starter you like the most as it will be much easier to get the starters later in Temtem than a title like Pokemon.

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