Temtem Type Strengths and Weaknesses

In Temtem there are a number of Temtem types for players to tame. These Temtem types are powerful versus certain other Temtem types and weak against others. Knowing which Temtem is strong against what type is vital for you to become a powerful tamer. To help you learn the particulars use our Temtem type strengths and weaknesses guide below.

Temtem Type Effectiveness

Source: Reddit user TheLividLion

Temtem come in a variety of types. Each type is powerful against specific other types and weak against others. When your Temtem is strong against another type it will deal 2x damage to that Temtem. In contrast using your Temtem against another Temtem it is weak against means you only deal 1/2 damage. On the flip side of this you also need to take into account what type of damage your Temtem is receiving since they will be subjected to the effectiveness as well. For a complete breakdown of the effectiveness of each type of Temtem, consult the very good table above made by Reddit user TheLividLion.

Keep in mind the visual ques you receive during battle. If you attack with an effective type you will see a green 2x pop up or will see a red 1/2x pop up if less effective. Use these cues to your advantage while you are out fighting other tamers. Whenever possible you want to have the 2x damage on your side as it can make quick work of enemy Temtem.

That’s all you need to know about the Temtem Type Strengths and Weaknesses. As I mentioned above knowing which type is effective and not effective is vital for you to understand as you play through the title. Good luck out there.

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