Temtem: Tour Guide Quest Guide – Tour Guide Answers and Quest Reward

In Temtem there are a number of side quests for players to complete while out taming Temtem. These quests range from the simple to more complex. In each town you visit be on the lookout for quests you can complete. One such quest can be found in the town of Arissola. This quest is called Tour Guide. To help you complete this quest use our Tour Guide quest guide below.

How to Start Tour Guide Quest?

Image showing where to start the Tour Operator quest in Temtem.

Progress through the story until you reach the town of Arissola. Once in this town look for an exclamation mark on your compass. If you don’t see an exclamation mark look to the east of house with the Germaphobe and Sleeping Child. The NPC you are looking for is called the Tour Operator. Speak to the Tour Operator and offer to be the guide for the tour to trigger the next step of the quest.

How to Complete the Guided Tour in Arrisola?

Image showing how to complete the Guided tour in Temtem.

After you speak to the Tour Guide you will see a question mark appear on your minimap. Head over to the question mark and speak to the NPCs there. This starts the tour. To complete the tour you need to answer specific questsion. The answers to the questions are as follows:

  1. Any.
  2. Pasiphae of Torquesa…
  3. Thalassian Cliffs.
  4. The town of Turquesa.
  5. Any.
  6. Any.

Once you’ve completed the guide return to the Tour Operator and speak to her. She will thank you for completing the guide and will reward you with the Temtem gear item Umbrella.

That’s all you need to know to complete the Tour Guide quest in Temtem. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions drop them in the comments below. Good luck tamer.

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