Temtem: The Denizan Icarus Quest Guide

Once you leave Brical de Mar you will travel through the area called the Thalassian Cliffs. In this area you will fight a number of trainers and will encounter an NPC named Daedalus. Daedalus gives you a side quest to complete called The Denizan Icarus. To complete this quest use our The Denizan Icarus quest guide below.

How to Start The Denizan Icarus Quest?

Image showing where to start The Denizan Icarus quest in Temtem.

The Denizan Icarus quest can be found at the top of the Thalassian Cliffs on an overlook to the left of the main path. This overlook is called Point Icarus and it houses two NPCs. The NPC we want to speak to is the boy on the south side of the overlook called Daedalus. Once you’ve spoken to Daedalus you will trigger the first portion of the quest which is to show him your Tempedia. Speak to Daedalus to do this and learn he wants a Barnshe.

Where to Catch a Barnshe?

Image showing the Barnshe Temtem.

To find a Barnshe for yourself requires a bit of work. For starters Barnshes appear in the area known as Windward Fort. You go here during the main storyline to find Sophia to get her back to her Dojo. Inside the Windward Fort make your way to the very top so you are outside (you fight Lady Lottie here). Run around this are and hopefully a Barnshe will spawn for you. Keep in min Barnshe is considered a rare spawn meaning it appears about 5% of the time. To ensure you catch it when it does appear have plenty of TemCards on hand. Once you catch Barnshe head back the Daedalus.

What’s the Reward for Giving Daedalus Barnshe?

Image showing the reward for completing The Denizan Icarus quest in Temtem.

Return to Daedalus with Barnshe in tow. Talk to Daedalus and he will put his camera onto Barnshe. You then need to select where to fly. The correct response is to send Barnshe out over the water. Once you do this send Barnshe over the Windward Fortress. Finally have Barnshe climb as high as possible. Upon return Daedalus will give you the TC003: Turbo Choreography. This ends the quest.

That’s all you need to know to complete The Denizan Icarus quest in Temtem. This quest is a bit of a difficult quest to complete as Barnshe is rare to find. Once you’ve completed the quest enjoy the new move you earned.

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