Temtem: Temtem Connoisseur Quest Guide – How to Get Egg Timer

At the building east of the Airship Terminal in Temtem’s Quetzal you will meet a man called Temtem Connoisseur. As the name of this man suggests he likes to collect specific Temtem. If you speak to him you can start a specific quest called Temtem Connoisseur. To help you complete this quest use our Temtem Connoisseur quest guide below.

Where to Start Temtem Connoisseur Quest?

Image showing Where to Start Temtem Connoisseur Quest.

To start this quest make your way to the building to the west of the Airship Terminal in Quetzal. Go inside the building and speak to the man in the suit that is sitting on the bench. When you speak to this man he says he needs you to breed him a Bigu. This starts the quest.

Can You Catch a Bigu?

Image showing where to catch a Babawa in Temtem.

Bigu is the child form of the Temtem called Babawa. In order to catch one of these Temtem you need to breed it. To breed a Bigu you will want to catch at least one (better with two) Babawa from the Skywalk area of Citerior Omninesia. The best area to catch Babawa I’ve found is on top of the waterfall where you surf across to the west. Run through the long grass here and you should easily find them.

How to Breed a Bigu?

Image showing how to breed a Bigu in Temtem.

Once you have a Babawa head to the Temtem Breeding Center in Superior Omninesia. Drop off your Babawa and another Nature/Water type (or another Babawa) and get them to breed. What around for an egg and hatch it to get yourself a Bigu. When you have a Bigu hatched head back to the Temtem Connoisseur.

With Bigu in your party return to the Temtem Connoisseur and deliver it to him. When he receives the Temtem he will reward you with the Egg Timer. With this item you will know when an egg is ready to hatch.

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