Temtem Status Effects and What They Do

In Temtem there are two crucial mechanics for players to pay attention to. The first is Temtem types which we covered here. The second is status effects. Status effects in Temtem work differently than Pokemon and should be learned if you wish to find success as a trainer. To help you with this mechanic checkout our guide to Temtem status effects and what they do.

Temtem Status Effects and What They Do

Image showing the Status Effect breakdown chart made by Redditor Legion-Gaming.

Source: This status effect breakdown was created by Reddit user Legion-Gaming.

Status Effects in Temtem are typically administered via certain attacks. Once a Temtem is under a status effect it will suffer from that specific effect which can range from poison dot to being put to sleep. Like other monster battling games you can wait out status effects or use specific items to cure the effect. Note that there are currently 14 unique status effects that can be applied to Temtem. For a full rundown of the status effects and what they do to the Temtem, check out the awesome graphic above made by Reddit user Legion-Gaming.

The chart above gives a good overview of status effects in Temtem. Consult the chart whenever you need to know how to deal with a certain effect. It is a good idea to stock various items to deal with status effects before you head out into the wild. Any questions, comments or tips can be dropped in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

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