Temtem: Salty Business Quest Guide

On the starting island of Temtem you will encounter a number of NPCs that have specific quests for you. These specific quests serve as side missions which when completed earn you different rewards. One side quest you can complete on this island is called Salty Business. To help you complete this mission use our Salty Business quest guide below.

Important Note: this quest requires the surfboard to complete.

Where to Start Salty Business Quest?

Image showing where to start Salty Business quest in Temtem.

To start the Salty Business quest make your way to Arissola and head north along the Gifted Bridges. As you travel this route you will encounter a Perfume Maker named Giulia walking in some grass. Speak with Giulia to learn she needs salt from the outskirts of Tourquesa. Agree to get the salt for her and head to Tourquesa via the Sillaro River.

Where to Find Lorenzo?

Image showing where to find Lorenzo in Temtem.

Lorenzo can be found in the outskirts of Tourquesa swimming. Once you’ve started the quest he will appear on your map as a question mark. Go to the question mark and speak to Lorenzo to receive 3x Sea Salt and 1x Sack of Flor de Sal. With both items in hand head back to Giulia.

Upon delivery of the 1x Sack of Flor de Sal to Guilia she will thank you for delivering the item to her. To show her gratitude Giulia will give you 5x Scent.

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