Temtem: Quetzal Dojo Enemy Temtem List

After you leave the second island of Temtem you will get attacked by pirates and will crash on a new island called Tucma. On Tucma you will get thrown in prison and will travel through some crystal mines until you reach the underground city of Quetzal. In Quetzal there is a dojo to complete. To help you complete this dojo use our Quetzal Dojo Enemy Temtem List to plan you team accordingly.

Important: this dojo is Crystal type Temtem. Plan your party accordingly to exploit their weaknesses (see here).

Quetzal Dojo Tamers Temtem List

Image showing speaking to Captain Koli in Temtem.

This dojo is covered in red ice. To traverse it you need to slide along the ice and use the rotating bounce boards to travel around the dojo. At the end of the dojo you will faceoff against the dojo leader Yareni. Along the way through the dojo you will face the following Temtem:

Mitotl (2x Temtem)

  • Valash (Lv. 45).
  • Platimous (Lv.45).

Atlatl (2x Temtem)

  • Skunch (Lv.45).
  • Mudrid (Lv.45).

Cactoniki & Tamer (4x Temtem)

  • Nidrasil (Lv. 37).
  • Saipat (Lv.37).
  • Myx (Lv.36).
  • Mushook (Lv.36).

Tonali & Tamer (2x Temtem)

  • Adroroboros (Lv.38).
  • Adroroboros (Lv.38).

Yareni Temtem used in Quetzal Dojo (6x Temtem)

  • Volarend (Lv.34).
  • Myx (Lv.31).
  • Mudrid (Lv.39).
  • Noxolotl (Lv.35).
  • Gazuma (Lv.34).
  • Shuine (Lv.43).

Upon defeat of Yareni she will take you to Captain Koli and will set the record straight with him. This allows you to roam freely without fear of the authorities. Once complete you will unlock a number of new quests for this area.

That’s all you need to know in regards to the Quetzal Dojo Enemy Temtem you will be facing. Use this list to put together you Temtem team. To exploit Crystal types you want to have a team consisting of Fire, Earth, and Melee types.

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