Temtem: Pigepic Fan Quest Guide

When you reach the town of Brical de Mar in Temtem you will gain access to a couple of new side quests. These side quests include the Pigepic Fan quest which tasks you with getting a Pigepic for a kid in one of the town houses. To help you complete this quest use our Pigepic Fan quest guide below.

Where to Start the Pigepic Fan Quest?

Image showing where to start the Pigepic Fan quest in Temtem.

Once you’ve completed the tour of Brical de Mar return to entrance and head into the building to the north of the town sign. Inside this building head to the upper right corner and speak to the toddler there. The Toddler has a Pigepic Plushie and wants a real one. Let’s grab him one.

Where to Find a Pigepic?

Image showing where to find Pigepic in Temtem.

Before heading out be sure you have some TemCards on hand. Once you are stocked up head out to the grassy area to the north of Brical de Mar called the Thalassian Cliffs. In the grassy areas here you can encounter untamed Pigepics. Once you’ve caught one head back into town and return to the Toddler.

Reward for Giving Toddler Pigepic?

Image showing the interaction with the Toddler in Temtem.

Back at the house head over to the Toddler and speak to them. Give the Toddler the Pigepic to receive your reward. For giving the Toddler the Pigepic will net you 1x Revive. Keep in mind you simply show the Pigepic to the Toddler and it remains in your squad after the interaction.

That’s everything you need to know to complete the Pigepic Fan quest. This quest is fairly straightforward and rewarding, so I recommend you complete it along your journey. Good luck.

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