Temtem: Paparazzo Quest Guide

Once you board the airship for the first time in Temtem you will head to a new island called Myrisles. On Myrisles you will encounter a number of new NPCs and new side quests to complete. One of the new quests you receive on Myrisles is called Paparazzo. As this quest title suggests you need to snap a picture of the famous Visesia. To help you complete this quest use our Paparazzo quest guide below.

Where to Start the Paparazzo Quest?

Image showing where to start the Paparazzo quest in Temtem.

To start this side quest you need to make your way through Myrisles until you reach Mokupuni. Once at Mokupuni you will encounter the Paparazzo NPC standing next to the outdoor Temtem healing terminal. Speak to the NPC and ask what he wants help with. This starts the Paparazzo Quest.

Where to Find Visesia in Citerior Omninesia?

Image showing Where to Find Visesia in Citerior Omninesia.

To find Visesia in Citerior Omninesia you need to advance the main storyline by completing the Dojo of Mokupuni. Once this dojo is complete you will earn the elevator key. With the elevator key in hand you can ride the Cableway on the westside of the island. This allows you to go to the Citerior Omninesia. In this area is The Flywalk.

In The Flywalk you need to fight your way through the various trainers until you reach the spot marked on the map above. Head into the house here and speak to Visesia. Long story short she wants you to give the Paparazzo the slip. Agree to do it then head back to the Paparazzo.

Reward for Completing the Paparazzo Quest?

Image showing the reward for completing the Paparrazo quest in Temtem.

Return to the Paparazzo and either tell him the whereabouts of Visesia or cover for her. Regardless of what you choose you will receive the Temtem item Pillow. This item can be held by a Temtem to restore 10% of max HP if it is sleeping.

That’s all you need to know to complete the Paparazzo quest in Temtem. Complete this side quest if you wish to get the Pillow Temtem item for your squad.

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