Temtem: No Head For Numbers Quest Guide

When you reach the town of Brical de Mar in Temtem you will gain access to a couple of new side quests. These side quests include the No Head For Numbers quest which tasks you with helping Josep find his locker combination. To help you complete this quest use our No Head For Numbers quest guide below.

How to Start the No Head For Numbers Quest?

Image showing where to start the No Head For Numbers side quest in Temtem.

Make your way to the Accademia building and go inside. In the building in the first room standing in front of some lockers is Josep. Approach Josep and speak to him and agree to help. This starts the No Head For Numbers side quest.

Talk to the Accademia Receptionist

The first objective is fairly straightforward. Simply walk across the room to the woman behind the desk and speak to her about the locker combinations. She tells you there is nothing she can do for Josep so you should speak to him again.

Return to Jesop and Speak to Him

Head back to Jesop and speak to him. You will have a few options but simply select the Temporium one to trigger the next phase of the quest. Make your way to the Temporium now (found on the east side of town by exit).

Where to Find Paper in Temporium

Image showing where to find the paper in the Temporium.

In the bottom left corner of the Temporium is Miray. Speak to her about the missing piece of paper. Once you’ve exhausted the dialogue with her she will give it to you. Return to Josep.

Reward for Giving Josep the Paper?

Walk up to Josep and speak to him. Give him the piece of paper with his combination on it. Once you’ve done this he will give you his lunch. His lunch consists of 2x Vital Apples.

That’s all you need to know to complete the No Head For Numbers quest in Temtem. This quest is fairly easy and rewards you with some healing items which is nice. Any comments to add drop them down below.

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