Temtem: Mokupuni Dojo Enemy Temtem List

The second dojo you will visit in Temtem is located in Mokupuni. This dojo is headed by Rawiri who utilizes Fire type Temtem in battle. Since you go into each dojo blind to the Temtem the tamers use, I’ve put together this Mokupuni Dojo Enemy Temtem list. Use it to balance your Temtem team for this dojo.

Important: this dojo is Fire type Temtem. Plan your party accordingly to exploit their weaknesses (see here).

Mokupuni Dojo Tamers Temtem List Part 1

Image showing Dojo leader Rawiri in Temtem.

To traverse this dojo you will notice a number of moving platforms. Use these platforms to traverse the lava and head deeper into the dojo. If you get stuck on a platform you are returned to the beginning of the dojo. Keep in mind this dojo is relatively short. In total there are two tamers and Rawiri. The two tamers are optional to fight. Here’s the Temtem you will face in this dojo.

Teulia & Kehaulani (4x Temtem)

  • Raize (Lv.24).
  • Deendre (Lv.24).
  • Raize (Lv.22).
  • Deendre (Lv.22).

Makeriat & Sima (4x Temtem)

  • Capyre (Lv.24).
  • Taifu (Lv.24).
  • Capyre (Lv.22).
  • Taifu (Lv.22).

Rawiri Temtem Used in Mokupuni Dojo (6x Temtem)

  • Tateru (Lv.24).
  • Deendre (Lv.24).
  • Magmis (Lv.22).
  • Banapi (Lv.18).
  • Raize (Lv.28).
  • Taifu (Lv.29).

Upon defeat of Rawiri you will get the elevator key card. With this item you can use the Cableway on the west side of the island. The Cableway allows you to access other areas of the island including the Citerior Omninesia. This allows you to reach new areas and complete certain side quests.

Mokupuni Dojo Tamers Temtem List Part 2

Image showing Tihani in Temtem.

Once you’ve completed the main story on you will be tasked with completing the second half of the Mokupuni Dojo in Nanga. This dojo has more trainers to battle than part one and features a final fight with Tihani.

Filisione (3x Temtem)

  • Piraniant (Lv.30).
  • Tuwai (Lv.30).
  • Saipat (Lv.30).

Sione (3x Temtem)

  • Capyre (Lv.30).
  • Taifu (Lv.30).
  • Granpah (Lv.30)

Vaitiare & Talia’uli (4x Temtem)

  • Vulvir (Lv.28).
  • Saku (Lv.28).
  • Oceara (Lv.28).
  • Loali (Lv.28).

One-Eyed Matthew (2x Temtem)

  • Kalabyss (Lv.34).
  • Raize (Lv.34).

Hoku (3x Temtem)

  • Magmis (Lv.33).
  • Barnshe (Lv.33).
  • Ukama (Lv.33).

Tihani Temtem used in Nanga Dojo (6x Temtem)

  • Mastione (Lv.33).
  • Cerneaf (Lv.33).
  • Kinu (Lv.38).
  • Ukama (Lv.33).
  • Wiplump (Lv.31).
  • Granpah (Lv.33).

When you defeat Tihani you will earn the Temtem Deendre. You also gain the ability to travel to Temtem‘s third island to continue the main storyline.

That’s all you need to know about the different Temtem used in both parts of the Mokupuni Dojo. If you stack your team with water and normal types you shouldn’t have much of a problem making your way through this second Dojo.

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