Temtem: Missing Kids Quest Guide

When you reach the town of Brical de Mar in Temtem you will gain access to a couple of new side quests. These side quests include the Missing Kids quest which tasks you with find two missing kids so they can attend school. To help you complete this quest use our Missing Kids quest guide below.

Important Note: this quest requires the surfboard to complete.

How to Start the Missing Kids Quest?

Image showing how to start the Missing Kids quest in Temtem.

To start this side quest in Temtem make your way into the Accademia building and head upstairs. Once you are upstairs head into the office on the left and speak to the NPC there. This NPC is the Accademia headmaster. Ask if she has anything you can help with. She will mention finding two kids Yusuf and Roger in Brical.

Where to find Yusuf & Roger?

The good news for us is that both Yusuf and Roger are together which makes finding them easier. The bad news for us is we need to have the surfboard to reach them. If you picked this quest up at the start of the game you will want to advance a bit until you get the board (aka beat the first Dojo). Once you have the surfboard make your way to the west side of Brical de Mar and surf out onto Indigo Lake. Head to the southwest corner of the lake area to find Yusuf and Roger chilling on the shore. Speak to them then head back to the headmaster.

What Do you Get for Finding Yusuf & Roger?

Image showing the reward for finding for finding Yusuf & Roger.

When you return to the headmaster, speak to her. Tell her you found the boys. For helping her out she will give you the Decoy. This item can be held by a Temtem and it allows you to escape wild Temtem more easily.

That’s all you need to know to complete the Missing Kids quest in Temtem. It is a fairly straightforward quest, just requires advancing in the story a bit. Any questions or comments can be submitted below.

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