Temtem: How to Get the Rock-Hopping Hook

In Temtem there are a number of items which allow you to traverse the islands easier. On the island of Tucma you meet a man named Manki who will teach you how to Rock Hop. Before this can happen you need to complete a few things first. Continue reading below to learn how to get the Rock-Hopping Hook in Temtem.

Complete Story Missions: First Aid, Beached Narwhal, and Free Matthew

Image showing completion of the Free Matthew quest in Temtem.

On the island of Tucma after you crash land make your way through the storyline, beat the dojo, and complete the three quests you receive after. By completing all three of these quests you unlock the ability to learn how to Rock Hop. For help in completing each of the three quests use our guides here:

During the First Aid quest you search for Kemal and meet a man named Manki. Manki is willing to teach you how to Rock Hop, but only after all three quests are completed and you’ve visited Captain Magda in the Quetzel airport. Once these objectives are met head out to Nahua Crater.

Where to Get the Rock-Hopping Hook?

Image showing where to get the Rock-Hopping Hook in Temtem.

After you’ve completed the objectives laid out above you will be able to receive the Rock-Hopping Hook from Manki. Make your way south from the entrance to Quetzel and you will reach a mini-Temporium and Manki. Speak with Manki to receive the Rock-Hopping Hook.

How to Use the Rock-Hopping Hook?

Image showing the Rock-Hopping Hook in use in Temtem.

The Rock-Hopping Hook is a grappling hook that allows you to traverse large gaps you’ve seen throughout the various islands in Temtem. To use the hook simply walk up to the gaps with the blue crystals on them to zip across. That’s all there is to it.

That’s all you need to know on Rock Hopping in Temtem. With the Rock-Hopping Hook unlocked you can traverse a number of previously inaccessible areas across the various islands. Get out there and get to exploring.

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