Temtem: How to Get Skates

The second island you will visit during you Temtem journey is Myrisles. On this island you will encounter areas with red ice in them. If you attempt to traverse the ice you simply go sliding forward without any control. To remedy this you want to get the skates. This guide will show you how to get the skates in Temtem.

Where to Get the Crystal Skates?

Image showing where to get the Crystal Skates in Temtem.

IMPORTANT: You lose the skates when you head off to the third island in Temtem. The skates currently do not comeback in the Alpha. Explore the first two islands before heading to the third island if you want to get every item in the game currently.

To get the Crystal Skates for yourself you need to advance the storyline of Temtem. First you need to defeat the Mokupuni Dojo. Once you’ve done this you will receive an elevator card. With this card you can explore the two other areas of the island: Ulterior Omninesia and Citerior Omninesia. To advance further you need to get a uniform from Citerior Omninesia so you can enter into the Giant Banyan in Ulterior Omninesi . After you have the uniform meet Carlos and enter the dungeon.

In the Giant Banyan dungeon you will fight a number of Tamers until you reach the captain. Once you defeat the captain you and Carlos will leave the dungeon. On the outside, Carlos will tell you how things are starting to fit together. For helping him you he rewards you with the Crystal Skates.

How to Use the Crystal Skates?

The Crystal Skates work similar to how the surfboard works in the game. When you approach red ice surfaces your character will automatically start to skate. With the skates equipped you will no longer slide around and instead will have total control over your character. This allows you to explore some new areas like Anak Volcano.

That’s all you need to know to get the Crystal Skates for yourself. The sequence of events mentioned above will occur as you progress the storyline.

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