Temtem: How to Get a Surfboard

In Temtem you will notice a number of places that feature water. These bodies of water can be crossed using a surfboard. At the start of the game you may be wondering how to get a surf board for yourself. We’ve got you covered. Continue reading to learn how to get a surfboard in Temtem.

Where is the Surfboard in Temtem?

Image showing where to get the surfboard in Temtem.

You get a surfboard by naturally progressing the main storyline of Temtem. On the first island you will be tasked with reaching the Dojo in Arissola. Upon reaching the Arrisola Dojo you will learn that Sophia, the Dojo leader, went north to Windward Fort. You need to follow and free her. Once you’ve done this the Dojo in Arrisola will open. Complete the Dojo by defeating Sophia and she will reward you with the Surfboard.

How to Surf in Temtem?

Surfing in Temtem is very easy to do. Once you have the surfboard, approach any body of water and walk into it. Once you hit the waters edge you will begin to surf. Use the surfboard to scour the various bodies of water and complete certain side quests that were previously unreachable.

That concludes our brief guide on how to get a surfboard in Temtem. As long as you continue to advance the story you will receive one for yourself. Easy as that.

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